Wait For It......

The D

The D does not have a purpose. Right now its just a place of Zen. Feel free to just sit there and look at the pretty leaves in the background


The House of Nothing

Formally the site for a Online radio station by DJ Deales. But with the closure of the station, its now a place to relax and do nothing.

Bennett Deale

Lord Commander of Common Sense


We Offer nothing at The D, which is a service within itself. It is a rare site on the internet where you are not asked to do anything. But you can look at the pretty blue dots moving around below if you like.



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Customer Service


As there is not content, i cant imagine there would be any questions. So the info below is bogus. But if you still feel the need to ask a question, hit the Send Message Button. I may or may not check it


Call: 01 234 567 89

Email: email@notspammingme.com


Company address
123 Seasame St
South Est, Antartica

Customer Service

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This email will send a message to a file that i may chose to read. But not very often. Im sure it will be full of spammers. But if your desperate, this is the only place you can do it.